The AESCULON™ provides a 12’’ high resolution touch screen color display that works as a comprehensive, standalone hemodynamic monitor. It provides a complete hemodynamic monitoring system that provides user-defined hemodynamic parameters.

With the help of Masimo’s pulse oximetry chipset, the AESCULON™ is able to measure SpO2 and is equipped with a non-invasive blood pressure cuff, which allows for the measurement of systemic vascular resistance (SVR) with the input of Central Venous Pressure.

Furthermore, the AESCULON™ can be upgraded to include Masimo’s SET rainbow parameters, which measures absolute hemoglobin SpHB™. Together with oxygen saturation SpO2, and cardiac output, the AESCULON™ is able to determine completely continuous and non-invasive measurement of Oxygen Deliver (DO2) and Oxygen Delivery Index (DO2I).

The AESCULON™ connectivity is superior among all competitors. Thanks to the four USB ports, convenient backup of patient data and printing could be easily done. Also, remote data transfer to a Hospital information.

System could be done via the Network connectivity option.

Together with the iControl Software, the AESCULON™ could:

  1. Guide Fluid Management Fluid Bolus test and Passive Leg Raising PLR Tests.
  2. High trending abilities.
  3. Unlimited Storage.
  4. Superior Reporting (Comparison Reporting).
  • 12” high resolution color display with touch operation.
  • Integrated iControl™ software.
  • Rechargeable battery backup for 20 min. of operation.
  • Patient data are recorded beat to beat for review and data export.
  • Passive Leg Raise test procedure integrated (Optional).
  • HL7 communication protocol for connectivity to Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS).
  • Interface to Philips IntelliVue and Dräger Infinity Gateway.
  • USB Interface for convenient backup of patient data and printing.
  • PDF status reports can be saved and printed.

A complete Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring system that provides or includes the following features:

  1. Noninvasive system parameters, continuously displayed and updated, including:
    • SV/SI (Stroke volume / index)
    • CO/CI (Cardiac output/index)
    • HR (Heart Rate)
    • PEP (Pre-ejection period) – An indicator of the Iso-Volumetric Contraction Time Index.
    •  FTC (Flow Time Corrected) – a Preload indicator for spontaneously Breathing Patients
    •  TFC (Thoracic Fluid Contents) – Indicator of Total Chest Fluid
    •  ICON (Index of Contractility) – Left Ventricular global contractility Index.
    •  STR (Systolic time ratio) – A qualitative indicator of Ejection Fraction.
    •  SVV (Stroke Volume Variation) – Fluid Responsiveness Indicator
    •  SVR (Systemic vascular resistance / index).
    • Integrated Non-Invasive Blood Pressure NIBP.
    • Integrated Masimo’s pulse oximetry SPO2.
    • Optional Masimo’s SET rainbow for Hb, COHb, MetHb, and PI.
    • DO2 (Delivered Oxygen) after manual input of Hb and SPO2.
    • Optional HRV/HRC (Heart Rate Variability/Complexity).
  2. Using a Totally Non-Invasive Technology, Easy Setup to be used in Emergency Situations.
  3. The device should be FDA approved for use in Adult, Pediatric, and Neonates.
  4. Bar diagnostic screen with normal range and average change (parameter stability) for each parameter in addition to Trend, Chart and waveform screens.
  5. ECG up to 300 bpm.
  6. Signal quality indicator for online signal assessment.
  7. 12” high-resolution color display with a touch screen.
  8. Data storage and ability to export to PC via special software and cable, or Bluetooth
  9. AC input (100:240 v) power and Lithium battery operating for at least 20 mins.
  10. Online printing for a detailed bar report with normal ranges.
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1 AESCULON Brochure click here to download
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3 ISO 13485:2016 click here to download
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