The ICON CORE™ provide a convenient noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring (incl. Cardiac Output) in neonates, pediatrics, and adults. The ICON CORE™ is remotely operated from a Windows computer with the optimized iControl™ PC-software.

With the ICON and AESCULON, the user gets a complete picture of the patient hemodynamics using a method that is quick, easy, safe, non Invasive and accurate. The parameters provided by EC fill in the blanks of traditional monitoring, helping physicians guide fluid resuscitation and drug therapy in a targeted, continuous manner.

• Very small form factor.
• Remote operation and data collection via touch optimized iControl™ PC-Software.
• Connectivity to any Window All-in-One PC, Laptop or Tablet with touch display.
• Patient data are recorded beat to beat for review and data export.
• Rechargeable battery backup for 240 min. of operation.
• Passive Leg Raise test procedure integrated.
• HL7 communication protocol for connectivety to Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS).
• Interface to Philips IntelliVue and Dräger Infinity Gateway.
• PDF status reports can be saved and printed.

 Blood Flow

  • SV/SI Stroke Volume / Stroke Index
  • HR Heart Rate
  • CO/CI Cardiac Output /Cardiac Index 

Vascular System

  • SVR /SVRI Systemic Vascular Resistance/ SVR-Index based on the input of MAP and CVP 


  • ICON™ Index of Contractility
  • VIC™ Variation of Index of Contractility
  • STR Systolic Time Ratio (PEP/LVET) 
  • CPI Cardiac Performance Index Oxygen Status • DO2 / DO2I Oxygen Delivery / DO2-Index based on the input of Hemoglobin and SpO2 

Fluid Status

  • TFC Thoracic Fluid Content
  • SVV Stroke Volume Variation
  • FTC Corrected Flow Time 

Oxygen Status

  • DO2 / DO2I Oxygen Delivery / DO2-Index based on the input of Hemoglobin and SpO2
# File Name Download
1 ICON Core click here to download
2 EC_Certificate_2015_Osypka_Medical click here to download
3 ISO 13485:2016 click here to download